The path we must walk is reflected in these eyes

The path we must walk is reflected in these eyes

About Me

JaY / Moyu / Momoyukiis
She/Her or They/Them (click for pronouns page)
Questioning gender + sexuality currently
17 (5 July)
UK person
Asian but only knows English

*Crashes down from ceiling*Hello...! I'm JaY! Or Moyu (short for my username lol)I like playing my mobage and rting/talking about things I like a lot. Also I make OCs. I love them.I'm really awkward when it comes to people who I've not spoken to before so I don't really like starting conversations and am better at replying... ueI solely use my main twitter for talking about things I like and rting art and stuff but that's about it ;;

The path we must walk is reflected in these eyes

Interests and Faves

Highlighted characters/things are my current top faves within the series

Re:vale / all of them tbh
Momo / Yuki / Sougo Osaka / Mitsuki Izumi / Tamaki Yotsuba
BanG Dream!
Hello, Happy World! / Morfonica / RAISE A SUILEN
Kaoru Seta / Mashiro Kurata / Chisato Shirasagi
Fantôme Iris / εpsilonΦ
Koharu Mitsurugi / Ryou Akebono / Wataru Matoba
Rondo / Merm4id
Nagisa Tsukimiyama / Muni Ohnaruto / Towa Hanamaki
Mu Kusunoki / Mikoto Kayano / Haruka Sakurai
Ensemble Stars
Mayoi Ayase / Tatsumi Kazehaya / HiMERU / all of AlkaKurei / Kaname Toujou / Wataru Hibiki
STAND-ALONE / Franky♡Knot
Night / Lim / Kite
Verine from AFTERL!FE
Omi Fushimi from A3!
Ashe Ubert from FE3H
Syo Kurusu from Utapri
Nintendo stuff
Cute animals and cute stuff
Dumb funny stuff
A few other things which I stopped playing but still rt stuff for

The path we must walk is reflected in these eyes

Please read before following!

I'm fine with anybody following me! Ofc I'll block if I feel I don't want someone following me and others can block me if they wantI don't want to be involved with discourse or drama of any sorts. I'm just here to have fun and whatever. Saying this, I don't endorse harrassment of others in any way. Let's all get along with each other!I often swear, keysmash and use all capsMy temperament is admittedly not that good and I do get mad/upset easily. But I am trying to improve that part of myselfI'd be happy if people used tone tags to indicate not being mean, lighthearted jokes or sarcasm if they're talking to meCurrently I don't tag anything I post since nobody has asked me to/I am not aware of anything that needs tagging. I don't plan to tag anything related to any of my interestsI may rt/like fanart involving varying amounts of bloodI may rt/like fanart that is suggestive but I will never rt/like NSFWI don't rt stuff relating to issues happening irl. I'm not ignoring them but it's for my own healthIf you think you somehow know me IRL, do not follow me

The path we must walk is reflected in these eyes

Mobage Friend IDs

Bandori (EN Server)
IDOLiSH7 (JP Server)
D4DJ (JP Server)
Enstars Music (JP Server)
Enstars Music (EN Server)
Technoroid Unison Heart

The path we must walk is reflected in these eyes

Extras (Really long page!!)

❤ A record of important cards I have and events I've tried tiering for ❤

Bandori (EN Server)
White Day Kaoru 4☆ (The Star Has Arrived!
Haunted Well Kaoru 4☆ (A Fleeting Performance)
First Dreamfest Kaoru 4☆ (Please Accept This)
Sheep Kaoru 4☆ (Fleeting Game of Old Maid)
Summer, Slow Summer Kaoru 4☆ (A Grandiose Entrance!)
Chevaliers Kaoru 4☆ (Together with Chii-chan)
Second Dreamfest Kaoru 4☆ (Enigmatic Person)
Softball Kaoru 4☆ (#1: Center Field)
Girls' Band Life Plus Mashiro 4☆ (The Place I Dreamt Of)

A Fleeting Night's Dream #142
Summer, Slow Summer #107
Shadows of Days Past Remain #24
IDOLiSH7 (JP Server)
HoshiMeguri Momo SSR
Re:vale Anniversary 2019 Momo UR (×2)
Rabbitube Momo UR
Wonderful Octave Momo UR
Re:vale Anniversary 2020 Momo UR
Marie Mariage Momo SSR (Special Ver.)
Re:vale Anniversary 2021 Momo UR
Valentines 2022 Momo SSR
Wonderful Octave Yuki UR
Ainana 5th Anniversary Yuki UR (×2)
Marie Mariage Yuki SSR (Normal Ver. + Special Ver.)
Rabbitube Yuki UR
Re:vale Anniversary 2020 Yuki UR
Mirai Notes Yuki UR (×3)
Aihake UR Yuki
Re:vale Anniversary 2022 Yuki UR (×2)

Marie Mariage III (Mitsuki + Momo) #7053 (A Tier)
Marie Mariage IV (Tamaki + Yuki) #3914 (A Tier)
D4DJ (JP Server)
NY Countdown Nagisa 4☆ (Like a Fish to Water)
Birthday Nagisa 4☆
Phantom Thief Nagisa 4☆ (Phantom Thief Nagi will Escape!)
Indigo Bullet Nagisa 4☆ (God Speed Shooter)
Nagitsuba Relations Nagisa 4☆ (Wavering Solo Marigold)
1st Anniversary Nagisa SP
Sakura Nagisa 4☆ (Hazy Moon Player)
Aohiiro Relations Hiiro 4☆ (Gorgeous Dance -Princess-)
1st Anniversary Hiiro SP
Valentines Aoi 4☆ (A Guiding Hand)
1st Anniversary Aoi SP
Anisama Collab Saki 4☆ (Nightlight of a star)

Scarlet Passion, Azure Moonlight #338
Serenade of Falling Cherry Blossoms #159
Indigo Bullet #171
Prayers Will Surely Be Answered #152
WakuWaku Halloween Costume #482
Foggy Misleading Eyes, Swaying Heart's Rhapsody #200
Because We Can't Play It Alone #52
Tonight, Special Moment to You #923
Enstars Music (JP Server)
Dead End Land Mayoi 5☆ (Coward's Dead End)
Phantom Airship Mayoi 5☆ (Phantom Ship of Hope)
Valentines HiMERU 5☆ (Bitter Remarks)
FS Mayoi 5☆ (Coward Hiding in the Corner)
Obbligato Tatsumi 5☆ (Shards of a Brilliant Display)
Obbligato HiMERU 5☆ (Shards of a Desired Brilliance)
Christmas Wataru 5☆ (Light Illuminating Winter)

Voyage ◆ The Phantom Airship that Sails Across Hearts #11255
Reminiscence*The Obbligato Played by Iridescence #16929
Technoroid Unison Heart
Initial Night 4☆ (One Person Holiday)
Birthday Night 4☆ (ManufacturingDay)
Initial Lim 4☆ (My Favourite Aquarium)
Alice in Wonderland Lim 4☆ (Analogized by a Story)
Initial Kite 4☆ (Where That Smile Heads)
Alice in Wonderland Hyd 4☆ (Hyd in Wonderland)
Sakura Fran 4☆ (To All of You Who Supports Me)
Shining Star Live: Syo #6

The path we must walk is reflected in these eyes

Social Media Accounts

My Main Twitter: @momoyukiis
My Enstars Tweets Twitter: @yukimomes
My dead unused Twitter (dunno what to do with it): @Moyu_Mirai
Bandori Party Account: Momoyukiis
Ask me for my Discord if you want to talk there!